5 Different Roof Types Offered By Roofing Contractors In Ann Arbor Mi

Different roof types carry the overall look of your roof and the whole house. Frequently, the roof type is included in your house plan, but if not, you can choose among these different roof types that roofing contractors in Ann Arbor MI can offer you.

Gambrel type roof

Commonly known as barn roof, this gambrel roof type has two sides and has an almost vertical and steep slope, while on the other hand it has a much lower upper slope. Usually, this type of roof is seen in farm houses, barns and log cabins. However, this type of roof is not recommended on areas and regions which are open for heavy winds.

Mansard roof

Also known as French roof, Mansard roof is a roof with 4 sides having a double slope on each of the side that forms a lowly pitched roof while sides can either be curved or flat, and depending on style of your choice. This type of roof will help you create extra space, thus giving you flexibility inside the house.


Flat roof    

As the name itself, a Flat roof is absolutely flat having no pitch at all. You can commonly see this roof type in industrial buildings and commercial buildings as well. While some residential houses located in high and low rainfall areas are also built using flat roofs. One advantage of flat roof is that, you can place heating, cooling and solar units on top of it making it more useful.

Hip roof

Hip roof has four sides with equal lengths which come together at the top thus forming a big ridge. What makes it sturdy is that the inward slope that it used to form. Aside from this, a hip roof is known to be a durable type of roof which is ideal for areas exposed to high winds and strong storms. However, this roof type is more expensive than other types of roof because of its complex design and the need for more building materials.

Bonnet roof

Kicked eaves or Bonnet roof are made from double sloped with imbalanced lower and upper slope set. The lower slope is set on a much less angle than that of the upper slope.This is the most commonly roof type in modern houses in Louisiana and Mississippi. The good part here is, with this design, you can be provided with an extra living space for a small attic and a vaulted ceilings, also dormers and side windows. The overhanging suggests a better protection for porches and an excellent cover to protect the walls from any damage.

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