5 Easy Home Staging Strategies to Sell Your Home Fast

When you decide to sell your home at one point or another, you cannot just show your home as it is to potential buyers. You want to improve your selling price by preparing your home and display it in the best possible light. And needless to say, a dirty and cluttered house will barely stir the interest of buyers.

Many people think that they have to invest in costly home improvement projects and services to stage their houses, but there are quick and low-cost ways to prep your home and get it ready for sale.

  1. Tuck-Away Clutter at the Entryway

The entryway is the first area potential home buyers will see, and from here they would already form their first impression of your home. More than just vacuuming and mopping, you should also clear the entryway from clutter. Remove coats and shoes and put them elsewhere away from the guests’ sight.

2. Clean the Windows

Potential homebuyers are likely to look into the windows to see the view from your home, but if they’re met with dusty panes and screens full of cobwebs, you’re going to lose that sale. Make sure that windows are clean, clear and sparkly on the day of the tour. Consider hiring your trusted window cleaning Houston TX contractors to ensure that your windows get professional cleaning results.

3. Tidy Up the Kitchen

A messy and cluttered kitchen is a huge turn-off. Make sure to load the dishes in the dishwasher and tuck away utensils in their proper places. Your appliances should also be immaculately clean as well as the countertops. You can also revamp dated kitchen cabinets with a fresh layer of paint or stain – a far cheaper upgrade than those expensive replacements. As an added touch, install new cabinet hardware which you can purchase for a few dollars.

4. Clean up the Bathroom Walls and Doors

Dirty bathroom walls and doors are not appealing to look at, let alone smell. Mold and mildew produce stuffy odor inside the bathroom which can make the space less inviting. A cheap remedy would be to scrub those mold and mildew with a spray of bleach and water. When the walls are all clean and dry, paint them. Also, if the bathroom door is full of soap suds and grime, just clean it with a commercial cleaner instead of replacing the door entirely.

5. Make Rooms Neutral

The master’s bedroom, in particular, needs to attract both genders. If you’ve painted the room a blushing pink or dark blue, it’s about time you cover the walls up with a less gender-specific hue. Cover the bed with matching bed sheets and put up complementing curtains. You want the potential buyer to easily envision what it’s like being in that room and using neutral colors is the most efficient way to achieve that.


Any seller would want to get the best price for his home, and performing these small changes can go a long way in sealing a fantastic deal. If your home needs a lot of work, then you should take time in considering what you can do and how much you can afford. But regardless of the staging efforts you need to put in, getting started with these tips should put you on the right track.

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