5 Interior Design Tips For Savvy Homeowners

You’ve bought a home. Great! Now what? As many first time homeowners will come to realize, purchasing a home is only half the battle as you are now faced with the overwhelming task of interior design. However by keeping a few simple and easy concepts in mind, it will be a piece of cake.

Simplicity is key

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘less is more’. It’s a phrase that’s stuck around because it’s true, especially in regards to home design.

Consider the fact that the more furniture you have the smaller a room will feel. To add space consider dual-purpose designs such as sofas with table wedges or LED light strips that back-light electronics.

Similarly, the more trinkets you have will make a space feel more cluttered. Limit yourself to what’s most important to display and either downsize or incorporate some hidden storage.

Neutral colors, bold accents

We’re not saying that you can’t paint your entire living room key lime green, but a more restrained color palette may be a better choice. Work out your color scheme before you begin designing while keeping in mind that less is more. You may consider neutral colors for your walls and a brightly colored accent wall. Another option is to keep the walls a uniform color and incorporate your colorful accents in the forms of rugs, throw blankets, or pillows.

Accents don’t only have to be colors. You can also incorporate bold geometric patterns, play around with textiles with different finishes, or even vary the textures on your accent wall. Just don’t go too crazy.

Have a focal point

It’s a commonly overlooked element when it comes to home design; your space should have a focal point just like any great work of art. It should be something that draws the eyes and impresses the viewer.

For living rooms with fireplaces invest in a visually striking mantle-piece and consider adding a large mirror. For the bedroom, your bed ought to be the focal point. If statement piece furniture like a four-poster bed is a bit too much for you, maximize its potential with a good headboard, a chic bedspread, and throw pillows.

Use visual tricks for small spaces

Whether you live in a small house by choice or it is your starter home before you move into your dream home, a small space should not mean cramped style. There are a lot of tricks to maximize a small space’s potential.

Consider using short furniture to give the illusion of more overhead space. Let your window treatment do the lengthening for you by attaching the curtain rods above and away from the window itself and add some floor-to-ceiling panels.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Often if a design is too matched and a little too perfect, it can come across as stiff. Inject some warmth into your design by playing with colors, textures, and patterns. Try experimenting with your dinner setting by using two or three different sets of tableware either all within the same color scheme or in complementary colors. Funky accents enhance the feeling of warmth in a space.

No matter your aesthetic, these principles of home design can be applied to nearly any design situation. With a little time, effort, and a lot of patience your interior home design will look just as good as paying for a professional to come in and save the day.

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