5 Must-Have Items Forevery Kitchen

If you don’t take care of your kitchen too much, listen to this, a research says, “there are more germs and bacteria in your kitchen sink than your toilet”. Sounds alarming? Well, the reality is, kitchen is the place that’s been utilized more than toilets, and because people come and go, eat and drink and make their meal in the kitchen, it needs more cleaning and maintenance than any other parts of your house.

So, if you’re looking for Kitchen-made-perfect kind of tips, this article is just for you. Before beginning, remember that there are 5 basic elements you need to take care of while maintaining a kitchen.

Starting with the countertops Ottawa, you have to take care of every element in order to give your kitchen a perfect look.If you keep them updated and well-maintained, your kitchen will remain perfect for as long as you keep it like that.

So, let’s get started!


Kitchen is incomplete without countertops, because we use them throughout the day for different purposes. They are available in different sizes, layouts and styles. Then there are different materials and material qualities to consider. For example, Ottawa quartz countertop has been ruling the industry,as it isdurable, attractive and much cheaper than some other countertop options. You can also choose from other options, such as marble, quartz, wood, metal and more. You can easily find quartz countertop in Ottawa.

Cooking Space

Cooking space must be well-equipped with proper stove, or oven. The area specified for cooking must have enough space so that you can cook food by maintaining a safe distance from oven or stove. At the same time, important cookware and utensils must be available at arm’s length, to minimize your time for cooking.


Storage Space

Storage space includes kitchen cabinets, drawers and extra space where you can put kitchen supplies. the storage space needs to be properly cleaned. Cabinet material should be long-lasting, made of wood, and should be installed at a safe place where there is no threat of water leakages. Cabinet doors and racks require limited but periodic maintenance to be able to work longer.

Water Supply

Water is important and in kitchen, it’s been used after every 10 to 15 minutes. Therefore, the water supply needs to be spot on. There must be no leakage in the lines; or you have deal with water seepage, and it’ll cost you dearly. All supply lines should be installed at a safe distance from each other. Don’t forget to install pressure valve underneath the kitchen sink.

Power Source

For continuous supplies, make sure you have proper piping and safe and secure connectivity.

  • If you have a gas connection, ensure that the pipeline is properly concealed in the wall and have output units with easy-to-move valves.
  • While using gas cylinders, ensure that there is no leakage and it must be filled on regular basis.

This goes for electric lines as well, because you’ll have plenty of things that run on electricity, such as microwave oven,refrigerator and extra socket for electric pressure cooker, juicers and grinders.

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