7 Hacks to Decorate your Garden With Fresh Flowers

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a garden is flowers. A wonderful flower bed enhances the whole look of your garden and there’s no doubt that for many people, flowers stand to be the definition of a garden. Read along to find out all about the best 7 hacks that you can use to decorate your garden with fresh flowers. Let the flowers bloom and spread beauty in your life, with these simple tips and tricks, you can decorate a mesmerizing garden that everyone will simply adore.

  1. Look for the sun:

Undoubtedly, flowers live by taking energy from the sun. Positioning the flowers near the sun to make sure they get a supply of the sun for about six to eight hours can really help them grow and bloom.

  1. The soil quality

Good soil is the key to good planting, ensure that the soil is not too sandy or too sticky and fill it up with several organic matters to make it drain properly and make ways of the roots. This is very essential for flower gardening. Fertile soil can help to promote the growth of flowers.

  1. Type of flower plant:

There are two different types of flowers to plant. They are namely Annuals and Perennials. Annuals are known to go through their whole life cycle within one season of growing, that includes starting from a seedling to grow leaves and roots and finally bloom to produce flowers and forming seeds, and then finally dying off. Gardeners love them because they bloom to their fullest during the growing season. Whereas, perennials are plants whose root systems stay functional for long and they can live up to years at a stretch. They go into a dormant phase in the winter season and then come back to life and bloom all over again in the spring season. The downside is they only grow for a few weeks or a month. Depending on how long you want your garden to look perfect with the fresh blooms, go with the one that will be good for you. Annuals will be a good choice if you want a bunch of flowers blooming in your garden which will look beautiful. These plants need more attention for watering and fertilizing. And perennials stand to provide an excellent structure to your garden and the waiting time could be good till they bloom.

  1. The shade:

If you keep your flowers in the shade, then they might produce leaves but with fewer blooms. Flower types like annuals and perennials can bloom with the help of the sunlight within eight hours. Before buying flowers make sure that you read all the details and descriptions of the plant.

  1. The Location:

The location of planting the flower matters a lot. When we focus on flowers, we only see its look. But along with that, we need to cater to its needs as well. Annuals and Perennials need proper exposure to the sun, adequate access to good soil, and water supplied to it along with the care you are giving to it. With all this in consideration, make sure you are up for the task to create the perfect flower garden with fresh flowers. Check out Whole Blossoms to get your hands on the fresh and amazing flowers.

  1. The Growth:

If you want plants that will flower fast, then go for annual flower plants. They will grow and bloom faster as compared to perennials. For a combination, you can go for a selection of both as well, mix your flower garden up with annuals and perennials. You can choose seeds to grow the plants and wait for them to grow and develop to bloom, which can take weeks or even years in case of perennials. If you don’t want to wait around, then you can choose plants which are already sprouted. Go for plants that have not bloomed yet so they can do their magic in your garden. Plant the growing plant in your garden and give it proper care till it becomes capable of producing flowers.

  1. Care and Attention:

Annuals need constant care and attention during the whole growing season. You need to ensure that they are watered and fertilized regularly to be able to produce fresh flowers throughout the season. They require a lot of water supply and proper nutrient source to grow and develop. You also need to pick out the dried out blooms to make sure that the plant can bloom again. Perennials do not shy away from care; they need attention as well. They need to be maintained with proper soil and watering. Native plants require the lowest maintenance and can thrive without constant care and can bloom perfectly.

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