7 Interior Decorating Tips You Can Do ASAP

Some people are blessed to have been born with an eye for aesthetics. But if you’re like most people who can’t design a room without spending hours scrolling on Pinterest, you could definitely use some interior design tips. Regardless of which part of your house you’re decorating, it’s important to pay attention to details. The smallest change could make a great impact if you know what you’re doing. Here are eight tips you can do to kick-start your interior decorating ASAP:

1.   Paint smaller rooms in lighter colors.

Painting the smaller parts of your house in softer hues makes the room look larger. Most people want to maximize their space, especially if you have a smaller home. The living room is a perfect example since most homeowners want to maximize the living space. Along with light-colored walls, you can install large windows that allow the light to seep into the room and you can add mirrors to give an optical illusion that the room is larger. On the other hand, despite installing mirrors or large windows, a darker paint will make the room feel smaller than it actually is.

2.   Be strategic about lighting.

Proper lighting can change the mood of the room. Having different types of layered lighting in each room lets you control the light for different times of the day, moods, and events. There are three basic types of lighting: accent, general, and task.

General lighting is what you usually see – the type of light that illuminates the entire room. Accent lighting lights specific parts of the room you want to emphasize, such as decorative art pieces or a part of your landscape. Task lighting is, on the other hand, is directional and adjustable lighting. Examples of task lighting are lamps, swing arm, vanity lights, and track lights. Fill your house with a variety of lighting to set the mood and don’t forget to add dimmers as well.

3.   Chairs are the shoes of interior decorating.

You can never complete an outfit without the perfect pair of shoes. The same thing can be said about interior decorating, except the shoes are chairs. Chairs can go from being functional to functional and cute. They’re an accessory and a perfect way to add personality into the room.

You can throw a full-length curtain plus a statement chair, and your room is good to go. You have the freedom to use whatever type of chair you want since it isn’t as expensive as sofas and dining tables. Go as crazy as bright pink leather, animal prints, and to fake fur. But make sure not to compromise comfort for style.

4.   Use decorations you already have.

Most of us have decors that have never seen the light of day, packed in boxes or shoved in drawers. Instead of buying new home décor, take a closer look at what you have. Do you have tea carts, breakfast trays, bedside tables, or art? Perhaps you have stored candles, books, or frames. Take them out and strategically place them on different parts of your home. If you have plates with beautiful colors and patterns, you can display them as well. Your kid’s art or pages from used children’s book can be framed and hung on their walls. You’ll save a ton of money if you go through your stuff before buying new ones.

5.   Give life to the room by going green.

You can never have too few or too many plants. Add them to every part of your house – the living area, the kitchen, the bathroom, and in the hallways as well. Plants are a very inexpensive type of accessories that add color and texture to your home. Aside from being a beautiful addition to your décor, plants help in cleaning the air you breathe and balance humidity.

Don’t have a green thumb? Succulents, cactus, and aloe vera are just some of the plants that don’t need much to survive. And they’re very cute to look at, so there’s absolutely no reason for you not to have any greens in your house.

6.   Place decorative mirrors strategically.

Not only will mirrors create an illusion that your room is bigger, but it can also add light to the room as well. If your room doesn’t have an ample amount of natural light, you can place a mirror directly across the windows to add more light. Go for decorative mirrors if you don’t have enough art for your room. It adds more light and act as art at the same time. Win-win!

7.   Don’t forget about the front door.

You can only have one first impression, so make it great. You can paint your front door a fun, glossy color. The most popular colors today are red, orange, and yellow since these colors are associated with happiness and warmth. Just make sure that it doesn’t clash with your house’s color scheme.

Decorating doesn’t have to take a long time to plan. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to transform your house in no time!

Ezra is a recent graduate from Mindanao State University with a degree of Entrepreneurial Marketing. Soon after she graduated, began researching and doing copywriting work for BCBestFlooring.ca. The topics she mainly writes are about real estate, home improvements and interior design.

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