Comparing The Suitability Of Granite Or Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen!

Quartz and granite are among the various material options for your kitchen slabs or counter tops and often a debate is carried out on whether to choose granite or quartz? It is not very simple to answer this question as both of these materials are very strong and durable but each have their pros and cons associated with the looks and overall strength and even maintenance required, let’s try to discuss these step by step;

The aesthetics:

Both granite and quartz are beautiful materials and are available in a variety of colors and patterns however granite can give a more natural look to your countertop as it is pure stone and is not really altered, but on the other hand quartz is somewhat mixed with some resins or chemicals which can give a less natural finish then granite but still you can find a natural looking pattern for quartz too. It merely depends on the color or pattern you select. In terms of colors, one can say that the colors of quartz are relatively consistent than granite look because granite has many different elements of stone and thus equal consistency cannot always be achieved, however perfect for you if you do not mind variations.

Maintenance required:

One of the things where quartz advanced ahead of granite is the maintenance because quartz is relatively maintenance free and easy to clean but on the other hand, granite countertops often need to be covered with seals before the countertop can be used by the owners to give it a new look and this also needs to be replaced every year, otherwise granite can give a weary look. It is also to be noted that granite is a stone which is not stain free, and it is very likely that it will contain some stains if any reactive chemical element drips on it my mistake. Also granite is a porous material and thus germs can adhere to it, on the other hand quartz is non-porous and that is why considered to be “maintenance free”.

Strength and costs:

Both granite and quartz need to be installed with perfection because they are both strong materials and can last for longer times and generally quartz can be slightly expensive than granite because granite comes in many qualities, so a good quality granite can match the price of a great quality quartz.

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