Costs Of Setting Up The Kitchen

Renovating a kitchen is a big expense. We should calculate very scrupulously how much it can cost us, taking into account even the smallest things. Planning a functional kitchen should start at the design stage. Such a cost estimate should include: appropriate furniture, energy-saving household appliances and a hood, which should look stylish and absorb odours in a decent way – it is particularly important in the case of a kitchen open to the living room. Hydraulic, gas, electricity and ventilation systems must also be ensured. In the kitchen, we must not forget about proper lighting. Here, it is good to have a top lamp and light for each work zone. Remember also about the easiness of cleaning – it is good to make it a space where not much mould and dirt accumulate. For this purpose it is clever to install glass splashback as a perfect subtitute for traditional tiles.

Domestic kitchen appliances

Gardens in the kitchen are things we can’t afford to give up, but we can adapt them to the needs of our family. For 4 people a traditional fridge with a small freezer of standard height of 180 cm is enough. Heating plate – here we also have several options to choose as to its size and number of burners. The choice depends on ourselves and our preferences. Oven – A device that is less frequently used than a hob but very useful for baking and healthy eating. Baked goods are much healthier than fried goods. The kitchen should also be equipped with a dishwasher. It is available in two dimensions (width): 60 cm and 90 cm. If this is the case, we definitely recommend a larger option. Then we can load plates and pots that we do not like to wash so much.

Table top height and kitchen furniture layout

Appropriate furniture layout in the kitchen is very important for the comfort of using this space. The most commonly used items should be at hand or in cabinets where we have easy access. It’s better to replace the bottom cabinet with a full-extension drawer with a cushioning drawer. Drawers provide easy and convenient access to the items stored in them.

The height of the worktops should be adjusted to the height of the person most frequently staying in it. To make the worktop fit well with you, measure the height from the bent elbow to the floor and then subtract 15 cm. For example, for a person measuring 160 cm, the top should be at a height of 90 cm.

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