What Different Kinds of Hand Dryers are Out there on the Market?

Commercial hand dryers have come to be used these days in the UK, in so many places of business, because of their cost effective, energy efficient and simple operation. After the initial installation, a hand dryer works out in being cheaper to use than paper towels, saving up to around 80 to 95 percent on supply costs. There are a number of models of hand dryers available, including the push button, automatic and more recently the quick-drying versions.

The push button hand type is the least expensive version, while still being efficient. Push button hand dryers usually take around 45 seconds to dry your hands thoroughly. Most models of this style hand dryer turn off automatically after 80 seconds, but there are some versions available that will do so sooner. Alternative options are available which include a rotating nozzle for drying the hair and face, and also recessed models, for space saving.

Popularity is still on the Increase

Automatic hand dryers are growing more popular because they only stay turned on when they in use. This type hand dryer uses an infrared sensor to detect when someone’s hands are under the dryer. As soon as it knows that the hands have been removed, it then turns off. Like the version above, this dryer uses the same amount of electricity and when combined with the automatic feature, it can reduce costs up to around 90 percent. There are a variety of modern hand dryers for sale, justmake sure to select a reliable brand and a trustworthy company.

The complaint that people usually make concerning the use of hand dryers is that they take so long to dry their hands! You’d think people would literally have more time on their hands! But anyway, this complaint prompted the invention of the quick dry version. This kind of hand dryer uses 80 percent less energy than the push-button and automatic hand dryers due to it drying hands completely in 10 to 15 seconds. So, that works out at saving 95 percent in costs, when compared to using good old fashioned, humble paper towels. These quick hand dryers use very little electricity, but dry your hands in a third of the time. How’s that for modern tech?

Which model is for you?

Every model of hand dryer comes in either a chrome, stainless steel or a white epoxy finish, which allows them to complement the decor in most bathrooms. Hand dryers are also available in quiet models, for people who may be sensitive to the powerful sound of the original classic model. Despite whether the model is full-sized or recessed, it has to be able for easy for males, females, children and handicapped people when installed.

Keeping our hands nice and clean is very important and something we should all think about with regards to sanitation and cleanliness. Make sure yours are!

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