Four Poster Bed – What’s it All About?

When most people think about a four poster bed, they probably think about the beds that kings and queens slept in back in the days of King Henry VIII! Whenever there’s a film or series from that time period, you will usually see such a setup. But what is the idea behind the design?

Well, four poster equals four posts, and that means that there is one in each corner, and they are usually ornamentally capped at the top. This kind of bed was once designed to support a canopy, from which curtains would hang and totally surround the bed, giving someone protection from draft, insects and privacy. Although the original design was made with particular uses in mind, the modern four poster bed nowadaysis a beautifully made nostalgic piece of furniture that adds a very traditional look to a bedroom.

A Classy Look

Despite the fact that remnants of its original use exist in a few modern canopy four poster beds, the most popular typethese days is simply a bed with four ornamental posts, all capped with a decorative ball top. Canopy beds, which have rails that connect the posts along the sides and fabric above the bed and/or hanging from the rails, are also technically four poster beds. Nowadays, this style can be considered either romantic or classical.

From traditional to colonial, many differing styles of four poster beds can be found. Generally, the bed has a headboard and footboard, though the footboard is not always an inclusive element. They are solidly grounded and feel very much a part of a room and thesekind of beds can be purchased in many sizes from twin to king, and are becoming increasingly popular.

Ideal for Any Room

Although these days, protection from draft and insects is no longer a problem, a number of people still prefer the aesthetic decorative elements of a four poster bed. They can be both feminine and masculine in design, making them ideal even for any child’s bedroom as well. The traditional design stylegoes very well with a quilt for dressing the bed. Although these beds in the traditional style are common, more updated modern styles are now available with slim, sleek posts to accommodate more modern interior furnishings.

Canopy beds are frequently popular among young females. When considering that the canopy can be removed later on, leaving only the posts, many find this style to be especially pleasing. People who are considering purchasing this type of bed should check out a reliable retailer with top quality products and at an affordable price.

The Right Design, Just for You

There is a collection of styles to choose from, and you should easily be able to find one that fits the scale and the design your bedroom. Whatever the design or style of your bedroom, there is a four poster bed just waiting for you to match it perfectly in there. Sleep well!

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