Give Your Basement The Ultimate Makeover: Only With Guy Solomon’s Help

If you are looking to give your damp and moldy old basement a complete makeover and transform it into a proper living space, chances are you won’t be able to do it alone. When it comes to basement contractors, Guy Solomon, CEO of the company Penguin Basements Ltd, is the right person to call as he and his crew is basement contractors, who specialize specifically in turning basements into living spaces.

Deal with the most common problem first

When you think of your basement, three words seem to come to mind immediately: stuffy, damp and humid. This humid atmosphere of your basement is due to the concrete walls it is made of, as these concrete walls easily allow water vapors to condense and penetrate through them, making the room feel damp as a result. To start remodeling your basement, the first and foremost step you should take is taking care of the moisture problem. This can easily be solved by using vapor barriers between the floors and the walls. You can then later place the walls and ceiling panels of your choice to go on top of them. So, it is ideal to contact Guy Solomon.

Choose the proper lighting

Proper lighting makes a big impact on the overall look of your living space. If there isn’t any proper lighting in the living space, then it will same have that dusty and musty old look that all basements have, even if you get it fully renovated. If you are blessed with a basement with a high ceiling with sufficient amount of overhead space, then you are free to choose from a variety of lighting options. But if you aren’t, then your options are somewhat limited. You can only choose the type of lighting that will suit the amount of overhead space you have. If you are going to add a new ceiling to your basement, it will most likely decrease the space to an unappreciable amount, so it is recommended that you should choose LED lights embedded in the ceiling, as this is the best way to go in a situation like this.

Figure out what you want the end product to be

If you want to renovate your basement and make it into something new but don’t know into what exactly, it is suggested that you shouldn’t dive into it head first. It is way better to have a well thought out plan laid out before you start anything, as it greatly impacts the way you get the construction and design of your basement done.

Now, when it comes to planning out what you want your basement to be, the possibilities are endless. It can be anything you have been wanting in your home but weren’t able to do anything as there wasn’t much space for it. People tend to turn their basements into designated rooms according to their size, meaning that a big basement can easily be turned into a small theater for the family, with a TV and big easy chairs, or it can be a small reading room or library, or any kind of living space, really.

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