Let Your Plants Grow Better With Solarstorm 880

There are many LED grow lights out in the market right now with different features or specs that many horticulturist, agriculturist and all the sorts who are enthusiasts of planting and growing plants are very interested in. But, the CLW SolarStorm 880 has caught a lot of eye. It is the most powerful grow light in the market, it can grow your plants to its best form without consuming too much power. It is very cost effective and can give you the satisfaction you so needed.

What is good about the SolarStorm 880?

The product has a high flux LED that contain jewel-quality glass material. While it does not use too much power it still provides you with not just the same quality of light but more than that, there is a 10-15% of increase. And not only that, it also has two switches which you can opt to change depending upon the mode you want your plants to be in. It saves a lot of power too.

The design matters especially in coverage

The size of the SolarStorm 880 is just enough to deliver all the power it needs to give on the top of the plants. The coverage area is just right so that it can evenly give the plants the nutrients that it needs. It is also in your technique I how you will hang the light to give off a better coverage, if you hang it higher it will provide more coverage.

growingyourowntea_5_grande.jpg (600×400)

Another thing that is good with this product is it last long. The LEDs won’t die after using it in just a few days. It will last longer so that you don’t have to keep buying new ones.

Now, this light will make your plants strong, big and with more yields than any other. With less investment you actually gain more money from it and save highly to make lots of more plants. Because of the many innovations that is done in today’s generation, many individuals are doing indoor growing of plants and with good research they are able to find the best materials, and equipment’s that will help their plants grow better. For indoor plants what is most important is the energy that the LED lights are able to give them, the solar power that the sun cannot give them when they are inside the house or in any facility that is why choosing the best giver of solar power is vital.

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