Maintaining Your Home’s Cleanliness With Robotic Vacuums

The Struggle of Keeping Your Pet-Friendly Home Clean

Keeping your home clean in the 21st century is a demanding task due to the busy nature of family life. Keeping pets in the home or having a large household can cause dirt and grime to accumulate quickly, with dirt infiltrating its way into the household via children and pets. 164 million pets reside in American households and common pets such as cats and dogs account for large messes in the home. Pet hair and allergens easily litter your home, with demanding work schedules disallowing most homeowners to keep up with the amount of sheer cleaning volume. Popular breeds such as Labradors can shed up to 75 pounds of fur annually and an average dog’s body has 60,000 hairs per square inch, accruing a large cleaning load for a single household. Robotic vacuums are a recent invention that automate the cleaning process and rival most manually operated vacuums in cleaning power. All at the push of a button from an Android or iOS app, a robot vacuum will automatically clean up after your pets while you, the homeowner, relaxes on the couch after a long day at work!

Why Robotic Vacuums?

Cleaning schedules are essential to keeping a clean home, with certain sections of one’s home needing more attention than others. Robotic vacuums can bolster an already created cleaning schedule or can be at the forefront of a newly created one. For example, the common area where pets and children enter after playing outside can maintain large amounts of dirt and hair and need to be cleaned more frequently; and robotic pet vacuums are able to be programmed with cleaning schedules that allow for pre-programmed cleaning. If the home’s common area is used before dinner, the vacuum can be programmed to clean after dinner each day, thoroughly removing pet hair and dirt. They can also be summoned on a whim to clean newly-created messes, withholding the need for manual labor regarding cleaning. Having a robotic vacuum has infinite benefits, with Neato Robotics possessing the cleaning machine with the industry’s largest competitive advantage

Why Neato Robotics?

cleaning pattern

Neato’s robotic vacuums come equipped with lidar technology which uses lasers to map your home on multiple levels. Lidar is essentially a surveying method that measures distance between the robot and walls/obstacles in your home by illuminating the target with a laser light. Your home’s unique floorplan and obstacles can be mapped by the robot via lidar and its cleaning pattern will be adjusted accordingly. The vacuums have a “D” shape which allows the vacuums to clean pet hair and other debris located in tight corners that cannot be accessed by competitors that possess a round or circular shape. Neato’s products have a long-lasting battery life and can run on maximum power settings for extended periods of time. Simply put, Neato is the industry’s leader in robotic vacuums and their products are a necessity to keeping your pet and child friendly home clean and in good order.

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