Moving Checklist For Efficiency & Speed

Have you noticed that people love to give cute nicknames to chores or obligations as a way of making them seem “fun”. Nice try Mary Poppins, but I don’t remember my Mom ever allowing me to have a spoonful of sugar after taking my medicine while running a high fever.   

I’ve never understood why people gave the nickname “moving party” to the event of packing up all your items


After living in one place for even a small period of time it is guaranteed that you’ll accumulate random items that were fun in the moment but don’t need to go with you to your next home.

Everyone has that broken spatula they’ve kept in their utensil drawer for years merely for the fact that it had your initials on the handle, not because it provided a function. Or how about that rusty coffee maker taking up counter space? You tell yourself every morning to buy a new coffee maker and leave the old one in place as a reminder.

Well it’s time to start fresh! You’ll remember to replace that spatula once you’ve had to do with out and same goes for your morning coffee. Save time and effort by sorting through your junk. Make two piles, one for donation and the other for trash. You’ll thank me once you begin unpacking in your new home, trust me!

Next, separate your packing into groups. Keep boxes labeled kitchen, bathroom, bedding, fragile, decor, and random. Not only will it help you feel confident that you know what you have or haven’t packed, but also it will prevent any accidents when fragile items are properly labeled and handled.

Forward Mail

Forwarding mail is often times the last thing on a movers mind and forgotten. The worst way to remember you forgot to forward your mail is when your Amazon order is 3 weeks late. Come to find out, your Amazon package was right on time and in the wrong hands. The new occupants of your old house chose to accept them as ‘housewarming gifts’ rather than returning them.

Aside from your Amazon shipments going to the wrong place, it’s also troubling when medical bills and insurance renewals are not getting to your correct address. This is why we made sure to list this second on the priority list because it should be!

Choose a Moving Company

Choosing the right moving company is critical. You didn’t go to all that work of sorting through, trashing, organizing, and packing just to have your items lost in transition. No! Make sure you’ve done your research. Double check that the moving company you choose is licensed with the state you are in. There have been so many theft claims due to a ‘moving company’ disappearing with the person/families items as a scam.

Luckily we’ve done that research for you! If you are looking to relocate, we have found the best moving company in Lexington, KY. Make sure you are working with a legit, trustworthy company and keep your move as smooth, efficient, and fast as possible.


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