Simple Design Ideas for Home Gardens with Large Spaces:

Here are some of the ideas to include in your gardening space if you have a large courtyard and would like to fill up the spaces so that the beauty of the garden is enhanced and the spaces are arranged for wandering around for your kids or family gatherings. Starting from grass seed to plant grass to setting water areas, here are some easy tips;

Include Water Bodies:

Water bodies require special labor and maintenance but can be really beautiful and serene if enough space is available. You may include some large 3 level fountain made of stone to place at the center of your garden which can be turned on or off according to various seasons or your comforts. Similarly a small lake can be created covered with stones and linked with the fountain which gives a pretty walking path within your home, removing the need to go out for walking.

Have a small walking path or bridge:

The walking paths can be made of tough tiles or stones giving a glimpse into nature which can be oriented to make a jogging path in your garden. The paths can also include a small wooden bridge which passes over the water paths included in your garden. Such paths add value to your home and make it loveable throughout all the seasons.

Have a small patio for sitting:

You can have a small patio covered with a wooden pagoda giving shelter to your sitting space. You can place benches or chairs with table to sit every time you want and cherish your garden view with friends and family for a cup of tea. A pagoda is a really expensive option, which can be replaced with a simple sitting arrangement matching your garden in color such as wooden tables or bamboo chairs, not having a hut but still good for sitting.

Have a display of flowers as a separate section:

You can divide your garden according to the different plant species you have collected. One section of your garden should include all the plants which have flowers arranged in circles or in a zig zag patter in various containers or decorative flower pots highlighting your aesthetic sense. Make sure that this corner has flowering plants pertaining to each season so that it remains filled with colors and amazing smells giving a serene touch to your garden space.

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