Sliding Door System Designs Are Creative Solutions For Any Homeowners

Sliding door systems are no new introductions, they have been around for quite a long time now. The primary reason for their introduction was to fit entrances that cannot be covered by single glass doors; sliding doors come with wooden frames that could come in diverse colors. There are generic and customer specific designs for sliding doors but whatever the design there must be a frame to provide firm support and keep water out of the tracks.

Sliding doors offer so many advantages. Here are a few of them:


  1. It is a delight to see sliding doors swing open and close; the fact that the extent of opening of the door can be controlled makes also makes ventilation and radiation control really easy.
  2. As a sliding door variant, rather than having two doors, you can have a single sliding door so that there is ample for hitch-free passage when the door is stacked to one side.
  3. The doors on the system are free moving and very easy to swing close and open.
  4. Apart from the variant mentioned above, they’ve got so many others with options to have them open from the interior or exterior; there is also the center and paired panel options.

Having highlighted the advantages of sliding doors, it is pertinent that you take the several factors into consideration before installing one in your home. The first thing to note is that wall panels form the supportive base and frame for the door’s panel, so it is important that you ascertain the dimensions of your home’s wall panel as they determine the height, and width of the door panel you can fit in. Door panels vary in their width and hinges. The sliding door that starks to one side has a width of 36 feet and 40 feet for exterior and Interior usage respectively; their hinges capacity has a maximum of six hinges.  Some other door panels can allow for an infinite number of hinges.

Another striking advantage of sliding doors is the access it gives to homeowners to enjoy their exterior from the interior of the house, sliding doors depicts a scene where the exterior features prominently in the whole spectre of a pulsating interior look, practically as a homeowner laying on the sofa in your living room looking through the transparent glass of your sliding door to savour the skylines and the lush green environment, you have a feeling that the exterior is just ‘here’

With sliding doors, dimensions are no barrier; custom designs can be made by manufacturers for a sliding door to cover much more than forty foot opening. If you want a sliding door that can be lifted, there is already a model in the market that meets this specification; they operate in similar fashion to French styled doors or regular patio door systems

One more feature that makes sliding doors easy to use is the simplicity of their hardware systems. Whether your sliding door is the large customized type or the simple conventional type, they swing, lock, close and open the same way. With this ease of use, they are also able to excellently keel the elements out with their weather stripping feature. Other hardware components like the rack, sill, folding and sliding hardware are all designed to very efficiently keep the system working for a long time.

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