Why Struggle With A Hot Tub Cover?

The aim for most people with a hot tub is to have fun and relax. You need to make things as easy as possible for yourself so that your hot tub session is not spoilt by unnecessary hard work. That’s why it really makes sense to purchase a cover lifter.

A Number Of Different Options

There are a number of different cover lifters out there on the market and which one you go for will to some extent be restricted by the type of hot tub or spa you have. The Aqua Lift 1 offers years of trouble free service and comes with a three hook towel holder for convenience. It attaches to the side of the unit but is only suitable for straight sided models. It requires a 10 inch clearance at the back of the hot tub to allow it to operate. Simply flip the cover over on itself twice. It’s as easy as that. The Aqua Lift 2 also operates in the same way but can be mounted with optional under spa brackets if preferred. Once again this cover can be easily operated by one person.

Circular vs Square

If your hot tub is the circular variety then you will need a different type of cover and lifter. The Covermate Freestyle may be a good option to consider. It has an adjustable mounting base that slides underneath the spa and is made to use with round or uniquely shaped spas. It requires 20 inches of clearance behind the spa to operate.

You may want to go for a lifter that operates in a different way. Take a look at the Aqua Lift Roller which is also simple and easy to use by just one person. Simply fold your cover back on itself and slide it out of the way on the rollers when not in use; easy.

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