Subway Tile Backlash Ideas

This article was written by Bryan Sebring of Sebring Services, located in Naperville.  They provide basement finishing, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom renovation design-build services.

Subway tiles are long sleek and rectangular in shape, with pencil thin grout lines, and shiny in color. They were originally used in the New York City subway terminals in early 1900s. Today, their application has expanded into homes. Subway tiles have recently become increasingly popular because of their durability, ease of maintenance, variety, hygiene, stylishness and resistance to stains and dirt.

Whether you are interested in a spectacular splash in your kitchen, a contemporary look, a traditional subway look, or a custom design, subway tile backsplash is the ideal solution. They offer numerous benefits some of which include, but not limited to;

-Great for different kinds of applications; Subway tiles work perfectly in both residential and commercial environments, and are often used on walls in kitchen backsplashes, in bathrooms around showers and tubs, and at times even on fireplaces.

-Stylish and fits most decors; They have a simple design which is compatible with most decors. You can surround your bath tub or shower with subway tiles, or you can add a backsplash to the bathroom countertop for a simple, elegant and clean look which suits different kinds of decorative tastes. The white or the neutral tones are a good choice if you are renovating your home for sale.


-Stain resistance; Subway tiles don’t retain dust, stains or residues as easily as most other surfaces, and they can be very easily cleaned using common household materials. They don’t need buffing or polishing in order to maintain their shiny finish.

-Easy to maintain; Subway tiles are actually very easy to maintain. Unlike other surfaces, they don’t require any special maintenance and it’s easy for homeowners to clean up messes.

-Color permanence; Subways tiles color never fades because the color is fired into the tiles body, or onto the tile’s glazed surface. The colors don’t fade even when exposed to the direct sunlight, and they maintain their color permanently.

-Hygiene; Subway tiles are ceramic, and as you know, ceramic is the best material for environments where hygiene is crucial because its’ surface doesn’t absorb smoke, odor or fumes, nor does it retain allergens or antigens.

Because of the above mentioned benefits, subway tiles are now commonly used in interior designs. If you are considering getting subway tiles, there are some options you should consider. The best subway tile options to consider include; white subway tile, glass subway tile, marble subway tile, gray subway tile, and black subway tile. To learn more about the aforementioned subway tiles, read the full article here: 7 Creative Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen.

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