The Cinnamon Valance of Country Porch Home Decor

Valances and country style curtains here have gone a long way; from being an outdated material to the comeback artist of the year.  Cinnamon Valance offered by Country Porch Home Décor is one good example of this.  They are crafted from cotton flat woven with a dimension of 72×14 inches.  This type of valance is a proper design choice to any room due to its flexible appearance.   It can be used for the traditional, country, rustic, contemporary, on-the-road, cottage, French provincial, southern charm and even masculine.

Different Ways on How You can Use the Country Curtains and Valances

  1. The Traditional Design- Despite the fact that you can use these valances in virtually different types of design, most people are still incorporating this element in a traditional design. White House and Mount Vernon has their incarnation of the traditional window treatment.  With a simple touch and proper placement, the country style curtains can have that traditional appeal that gives your room a classic and elegant look.
  1. Contemporary- For those people, who are thinking that country curtains cannot be used as a contemporary decor element, they need to think again. Finding valances that have contrasting color on the drape and the outline can create that modern look and clean and clear finisher. It can also add dimension and softness to a plain room.
  1. Rustic- Country style curtains are best use to create a rustic design due to its rustic hue. This design is prevalent on wild-wild-west homes, log cabin and mountain lodges.  It comes with a distinguishable appearance on the outside and a dramatic appeal in the inside.  The rustic color of the country curtain fits perfectly on this design since it adds a subtle rustic detail to the house.
  1. On-the-road-RV and the camper window are typically small, and since you will be out of your RV for most of the time, simple valances such as the Cinnamon can magically do the trick. With simple country curtains, you can add the perfect combination of color by using valances.
  1. Cottage- the types of pattern and fabric will help you decide if a particular country curtain or valance is appropriate for you cottage-style home. The Cinnamon valances are relatively a single huge ruffle that first perfectly to any cottage style house.

The flexible style and classic look of the country style curtains make them perfect for any type of home interior style and decoration.  Valances can serve as a decorative element in the various part of your house that will make it ultra refined and polished.  Unfortunately, not a lot of consumers are aware of them.  By reading the article above, you will be able to get a glance on the different functions of the valance and how it can amplify the appearance of your house.

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