Things Burglars Notice About You And Your Home

Burglars or thieves notice your home and the worst thing you want to happen is that when you return back home from work to relax, you find that your house has been robbed and all your precious items are stolen away. You then think about getting a security alarm for you to save you the risk. Here are a few things burglars notice about your home and you should beware of them:

They keep an eye on you:

Most of the thieves who broke into one’s house are the ones who are ware of your house or your routine. Think about the people you might occasionally such as a person walking in the garden saying hi to you and asking about your life or even an electrician who went into your house once to fix your TV, it is very likely that he might be noticing the layout of your home, the furniture and the important rooms to make a plan about breaking in as he finds the chance.

They avoid the homes with security cameras and systems:

One of the easiest homes to rob for a burglar is the one which does not have any security cameras or alarm systems since then the thief can simply break into the house without the fear of getting caught by cameras. If a thief is keeping an eye on your house and notices that you have a security system installed in your house, he will avoid you since they also learn how alarm monitoring works and thus avoid the danger of being put into the jail. Thus make sure you have a security system from Monitronics for the protection of your home.

You should not be leaving any door or window open:

A single open window or unlocked front door is sufficient for any burglar to take his chance and get all your expensive belongings no matter how safe your neighbourhood is. Thus no matter you are in a hurry, you should always check if all your doors and windows are closed when you leave the house.

Do not give a hint that you are on vacation:

Normally if you are on a vacation for a week or so, your filled post boxes or nobody around your home can give a hint that you are not home. Thus keep your neighbours informed that you are leaving so that they collect your mails etc.

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