Three Common Roof Designs

Roof is not just a simple shield against rain, sun, or other external harmful substances. It is a major component of a house. A shelter will never be completed without it covering everything inside. Furthermore, to perfect the beautification of a dream home, everyone must choose which of these models would suit his taste.

Four-corner Hip

Designed with rectangular sides and high-centered, single-line end, it naturally shrugs snows during winter and endures whips during hurricanes. This has several classifications, which includes simple, cross, and half, but all meets at the middle of the ridge that leaves space for tiny room for bed or attic.

Although it proves its stability, problems still may occur especially if installation and maintenance are lacking. For example, when waterproofing was carelessly applied, water will leak during rainy seasons. If it won’t be addressed sooner, ceilings will be damaged, too. To be sure, look only for trusted roof installation Los Angeles.

Triangular Gable

This is the most popular of its kind. Characterized with two slopes binding at the center, it easily slides elements that cause unnecessary weights and clogs. Braces, usually wood, strengthen it beneath, making it durable to high winds. Compare to other types of roofing, it is way less expensive because of cheaper materials used.

However, if the supports are not properly built, aggressive air attacks may flay its sheets off from your house. In worse cases large storms flip them totally. For those reasons, both the concretes and installers must do their job for a successful product.

Plain Flat

Even ascribed to be even, it is constructed with slight slants to draw waters in the drainages. This can be best utilized by residents who wish to have an open space above for greenhouse or solar panels. Very minimal raw materials are needed to assemble it. Any of metal sheets, rubber membrane, PVC, etc. will do. Like the gable, it is another low cost project.

But compare to it, it lasts longer and actually close to permanent if made with cement. It also requires maintenance and repairs, but its big drawback is when it already demands for replacement. The owner must cash out some more money for extensive labors.

Picking up a roof is a vital decision to make. The firmness and aesthetic style of the house does not only depend on its foundations but also on its cover. So, one must be wise in considering each design.

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