Top 10 Bedroom Colours for 2018

A new year is always the best excuse to think about some ways on how you can give your bedroom a fresh update. Now that 2018 is here, a new bedroom colour is in order.

While 2017 was full of warm colours – greenery, neutrals and camel shades, this year is predicted to be big on edgier hues. In fact, Pantone seems to take on the lead, having released its colour of the year in a super bright purple shade.

Even when your head is already set into incorporating this colour trend into your life, you may also want to consider the runners-up in terms of popularity for this year. Here, Macey and Moore, a trusted name in the pure linen market, listed the top 10 bedroom colours for 2018:

  1. Ultra Violet: The 2018 Pantone colour of the year is both beautiful and mysterious. The company defines the colour as dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade that inspires imagination and non-conformity.
  2. Slate Green: A subtle green with a soft and muted tone, a greenish slate is a great alternative to typical neutrals. It’ a colour that is great on its own but works as well as when it’s used to accent wood, stone or metal finishes.
  3. Marigold: This colour is a vibrant version of mustard yellow. It paints beautifully on walls and is equally impressive when used as an accent to both warm and cool shades, that you’ll rarely go wrong when using it.
  4. Caliente: A radiant and passionate hue, Caliente is one of the over 3500 exclusive colours from Benjamin Moore. It’s a hot paint colour that is bound to stand out when paired with white or other high-contrasting accents.
  5. Oceanside: A shade from Sherwin-Williams, this colour ignites the inner wanderlust of every person, all while lending a laidback feel to your bedroom. Finish it with some organic accents for a coastal-inspired dwelling.
  6. Dark Plum: This dramatic purple is yet another proof that bold is back. When done right, this shade can lend a sophisticated and contemporary look, without being too feminine. You can use a high-contrast palette to achieve the same effect.
  7. Blush Pink: A pink that has a subtle shade, it almost looks like a neutral, a blush adds a tint to your bedroom without being too overpowering. Using accents like bedroom linens, fur pillows or hearth rugs will add to the delicate scheme of a feminine bedroom.
  8. Bottle Green: Aside from adding personality to your space, deep greens have an added benefit of visually enlarging an otherwise small room. Create contrast by pairing it with white for an elegant colour scheme.
  9. Black Onyx: A bold and versatile option, the possibilities for this popular colour are endless. Here, a black and white scheme is always a safe choice but, finishing it with metal accents only adds to its modern, glam look.
  10. Stone White: Like any other shades of white, a stone white is always a classic option. It works well with any interior design, while keeping a clean look all throughout. It’s a paint to go for when you need a little brightness when sunlight is hard to come by.

Giving your bedroom a new look is a great way to welcome the year. It gives you the sense of fresh start and a new beginning that will keep you motivated all throughout — and with so many popular colours to take inspiration from, you’ll never go wrong with your choice!

Did you love what you read? Which bedroom colour appeals most to you? Let us know by commenting below.

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George Katsoudas is a Digital Marketing Professional. He works as the Managing Director of Low Cost SEO, a digital & SEO marketing firm in Sydney and a Digital Media Manager for Macey & Moore, a trusted name in the pure linen market offering genuine coverlets, bedspreads online, home decor and much more.

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Macey & Moore is a trusted name in the pure linen market offering genuine coverlets, bedspreads, home interiors and much more. The business is marked by its signature use of Genuine Heavy-Weight Pure Linen and shows a sincere commitment in providing the highest quality home interior products to the Australian market.  Visit them online to find out more.

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