Upholstery Tools For Your Next Project

Upholstery Tools

Furniture design is in the smallest of details, even the smallest parts in a single piece of furniture actually have a bearing on its totality, not only for design but as well as durability and longevity. These tiny details could set apart a piece of furniture from other pieces, and it could even give it an elegant look and feel over other pieces of furniture. If you want to design and make your own pieces of upholstered furniture, whether if it is just for your enjoyment, or you want to make a business out of it, you should have a handy set of upholstery tools in your arsenal.

Staple and Tack Removal

It is inevitable to have staples and tacks misplaced or wrongly attached to the pieces of furniture that you are making; this holds most especially true for beginners in furniture crafting. When such a thing happens, you should have the right tools to help you to remove the staples and tacks so that you would not damage the fabric or the wood. There are a lot of staple and tack removers available at Heico Direct that are perfect for your needs. You could get a staple lifter from C.S. Osbourne for a handy and quality tool with a handle made out of hardwood and nickel ferrule to make it comfortable to hold and not to mention the forged steel blade for a durable tool when lifting staples. There is also a tool for removing the staples, but a more multifunctional tool of choice is the staple lifter and remover. For preparing pieces of furniture for re-upholstery, you would need a stronger tool – any of Heico Direct’s choices of tack and staple removers or tack and staple claws are suitable.

Zipping and Fastening

For the purposes of shortening or lengthening zips, installation of zip fasteners, grabbing and pulling out of lifted staples, heavy cutting, and punching, the perfect kind of tool for you to get is actually pliers. There are different kinds of pliers for all kinds of purposes, such as a revolving punch plier with different kinds of tube sizes ranging from zero to six. There are also pincers to rip flush heads which are closer to the surface. If staple and tack removers do not work with ease, you could also pair it with a staple puller plier to make it an easier task to accomplish. There are also hog ring pliers and zipper stop pliers as one of your choices to make the crafting of upholstered pieces of furniture a breeze.

Fabric Snipping

You cannot use just any kind of scissors lying around in your home to cut through upholstery fabrics and thread; otherwise, it might just ruin the fabric when you cut into it. Heico Direct have a wide array of shears and scissors to choose from with different sizes and even purposes. You can choose between a 4.5 inched steel thread snip or a 4 inched thread snip with a plastic encasement handle. The 8-inch heavy trimmer shears is the perfect pair for you to use when you are doing large cut-outs or curtain work because it is very easy to manoeuvre with its lightweight. For heavier duty fabrics, you could stock on the 8.5 inch Leather Shears with a one serrated blade to make cutting into leather a breeze. There is also the 10 inch Heavy Tailor and Carpet Shears for heavier fabrics. You would not get sore hands even tons of fabric cutting because it has a built-in soft rubber insert in the handle to make it more comfortable to use. The monster of shears is the 12 inched side bent upholstery tailors’ shears with its high durability since it is made out of forged steel, but do not be deceived since plastic coated handles give it great comfort and an easy grip. A more comfortable choice is the 12-inch max power cutting shears with a soft grip handle, so you not only get the monstrous functionality but exceptional comfort as well. Heico has a complete setup upholstery tools you could buy; in fact, they even have left-handed scissors so anyone can make and craft their own upholstered furniture.


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