A Useful Guide On Different Types Of Heat Exchangers And Their Uses

Heat exchangers are a big part of our everyday lives and make a lot of equipment work efficiently. Whether it is your car engine or air conditioner, all of them have heat exchangers installed into them. So what exactly are heat exchangers and how do they work? The heat exchanger is a device which allows the transfer of heat from a fluid/ gas of higher temperature to fluid/gas at lower temperatures without the matter mixing with each other. It thereby cools the hot fluid/ gas and heats the cooler fluid/ Gas. Heat exchanger works on a basic principle of thermodynamics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only change form. A simple example of heat exchanger would be your car’s radiator which cools the heated lubricant by passing it through coolant and is then pushed back into engine for re-use. Imagine if there was no radiator, the lubricant would go thick in no time and would need very frequent change.

Different Types of Heat Exchangers

There are different types of heat exchangers available at www.aicheatexchangers.net :-

  • Precision Straight Tube: Made of stainless steel, this heat exchanger boasts of interchangeable heads and high adaptability, making it effective for a wide range of applications
  • Sanitary Shell & Tube: This heat exchanger is made specifically for pharmaceutical and food industries’ use.
  • Shell and Straight Tube: It is designed for high fluid flows and low temperature variances.
  • Marine Grade Straight Tube: Made out of super austentic marine alloy, it is meant for salt water pool applications
  • Economizers: These are Air to Water heat exchangers and result in significant cost savings for commercial and industrial installations
  • Plastic Shell & Tube: The unique design optimizes flow turbulence and increases the heat transfer coefficient.
  • Titanium Shell & Tube: Works just like the plastic shell & Tube heat exchanger, but are sturdier as it is made of pure Titanium.
  • Shell & U Tube: These are meant for liquid to liquid and steam for Liquid applications.
  • Shell & Coil: They have angular connections and suitable for vertical installations.
  • Plate & Frame: These types of heat exchangers deliver precision heat transfer and come in a variety of plate designs and materials.
  • Single Wall Brazed Plate: With plate packs sealed together by brazing metal along the border, this heat exchanger does not need gaskets or external pressure retaining parts.
  • Double Wall Brazed Plate: This heat exchanger ensures that there is no cross contamination of the fluids in case of internal leakages.
  • Instant Indirect Water Heaters: These water heaters use a boiler to heat domestic water instantly with high heating efficiency.

With a wide range of heat exchangers, aicheatexchangers is your one stop shop for any and every type of heat exchanger need. The unique designs, versatility, adaptability, ruggedness and high quality of our products ensure efficiency, reliability and high value for money for the customers. Whether it is industrial or domestic use, we have heat exchangers to take care of and suitable for every requirement.

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