Want To Add Handles To Your Kitchen Cabinets? Here Are 9 Cabinet Handle Suggestions

Wooden cabinets are probably the most prominent choice in cabinets because of their adaptability and durability. Yet making sense of what handle to add to your cabinets can be tough.

Both Cherry Cabinets and white cabinets have an appearance that can uplift any sort of kitchen structure: Traditional, Contemporary and Transitional. The final product is that your cabinet handle and equipment will be the ones deciding the style since the cabinet has an interesting favorable position of being a clear canvas for your own interior design.

  • Long Silver Rods

Long silver rods with chrome bands give a transitional look to an otherwise traditional wood stained finish of Cherry Kitchen Cabinets. The combination of wood and metal is not uncommon, but somehow gives neither a traditional nor a contemporary feel and yet works as a wonderful addition to the kitchen aesthetics. This is also apt if you want a different look for your conventional cabinet design while keeping the minimal touch.

  • Silver Circular Knobs

Silver circular knobs on a White Kitchen Cabinet door is more of a traditional appearance and are opted for due their clean looks. White cabinets tend to brighten up a room and make a small kitchen look more spacious. So, if you use this in your kitchen, you will have a larger looking space. These knobs are perhaps perfect for someone who wants to keep his kitchen elegant, minimal and functional.

  • Silver/Wood-And-Metal Bar Handles

A mixture of wood and metal bar handles creates more of a contemporary look which stresses on the angles and simplicity. For example, silver rectangular handles against Cherry Kitchen Cabinets would give your kitchen a modern outlook while silver provides the timeless appeal.

  • Chrome Bar Handles

These handles come in chrome design and have unusually reflective geometric angles that create a prism-like effect which will be useful if you have a colorful kitchen.  Such a selection of handles will help you make a strong statement and the natural darker wood grain of Cherry Kitchen Cabinets will add to the overall appeal.

  • Metallic Bronze Knobs

Metallic bronze knobs tend to uphold the natural whites of your White Kitchen Cabinet and give your kitchen a more traditional look. Bronze handles feel more traditional as they are often seen in wooden furniture. While this style may be classified in vogue during certain times, the neutral nature of the combination has not yet gone out of fashion and it is safe to say that it won’t, anytime soon.

Kitchen Cabinets

  • Dark Metal Handles

Dark metal handles against White Kitchen Cabinet doors give your kitchen a combination of a contemporary look and a traditional feel. This apparently simple combination can adapt to any style you wish thus turning it into a blank canvas for your kitchen.

  • Multifaceted Rods

Multifaceted rods come in large varieties. For example, rods having the color of ivory or bone that are held in place with gold rings and give a tropical feel even when contrasted with Cherry Kitchen Cabinets can have a great influence on the overall look.

  • Gold-Dice Knobs (Shaped Knobs)

There are many people who want to add their own style, for example, you can consider adding gold dice knobs to your White Kitchen Cabinet. Do not be afraid to add your own touch to your cabinets and show of your own taste of style to the guests. Shaped knobs are a great way to add a personal touch to your cabinetry.

One of the biggest advantages of opting for kitchen cabinets is their ability to act as both a canvas to add your personal touch and as showpieces in your house while adding up to the storage. But attractive details like your choice of handles can serve to add more to the canvas of your kitchen cabinet design.

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