What Is The Basement Finishing Tips

The basement is mostly used by homeowners as a place where unused items or materials that are basically worn-out are kept. A lot of homeowners are unaware of the fact that if properly finished, a basement can turn out to be the most attractive room in your home while also increasing the overall market value of your property. Unlike DIY home builders, basement finishing is considered one of the simplest tasks for a professional. Try not to leave all the decisions to the contractor by working closely with the contractor to ensure the basement finishing has the exact look as you.

Here are some basement finishing tips that can help you convert your basement into one of the best rooms in your home.

Map out a specific design

Basements can be transformed  into home theaters, kids play area, game rooms, recreational areas, guest rooms and others. It is advisable to always map out strategic plan the way you want the basement to be. This will enable you follow a strict budget without having to alter it when basement renovation is in process.


Ensure the design correlates with the general design of your apartment

It is essential that the design of your basement matches that of the entire house. This will make the basement blend with the rest of the apartment without making it look odd.

Don’t stress so much on wood work in the renovated basement :

Once your basement is renovated, do not load it with excess furniture. A beautiful basement should have reduced built in-cabinets and storage spaces. This not only cut down your budget but also ensures your basement looks unique as compared to the storage room look it portrays

Save energy:

If your basement has access to the natural light, then you should tap into this as it allows you save more on electricity bills. Some of the finest basement finishing works makes use of natural light.

Use a drop-down ceiling only when necessary :

Do not fix a drop-down ceiling all over the room  in a bid to conceal the pipes that usually accompany basement finishing, fix drop-down ceiling only where necessary.

Some Important Considerations and Installations When Carrying Out Basement Finishing

When about carrying out a basement finishing, there are some factors of basement finishing you need to thoroughly consider these factors include ;

The Colors:

Colors play a major role in beautifying a basement, and therefore colors should be carefully selected. Some colors already used  in the entire house can be used to paint the basement so as to blend the basement with the rest of the house.

The Layout ;

When planning a layout, one must take into consideration some likely obstructions that can come up in a basement area, such as air ducts, sub pumps, electronic circuit areas. All these obstacles should be given due considerations when  planning a basement layout.

The Lighting ;

The major areas in a basement should be well illuminated i.e overhead and recessed lighting, this is because the conventional full-sized windows are not applicable in a basement setting.

The Windows :

The number of windows in a basement are lesser compared to the rest of the house, it is advisable never to remove windows  that were previously in a basement, instead, smaller  ones can be added during the basement finishing process.

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