Why Handmade Carpets Are More Expensive Than The Machine-Made Carpet?

The Machine-Made Carpet?

Carpet is one of the prime materials for enhancing the beauty and elegance of the house in the best possible way. The soft surface of the rectangular flooring decor feels oddly safe and good against the sole of your feet. And to say it is one of the best feelings would be an understatement. Walking barefoot on the soft handmade carpets is the favorite activity of the children, as they love to play on the fluffy material.

Carpets are available in the market in two forms- the machine-made and the hand-made ones. Though both are similar in structure, their quality differs greatly along with the other features including the softness of the material, the designs and even the style of the stitches. Some people prefer to buy the ones manufactured using the advanced textile machines in the industries while others love to experience the rawness of the hand-made carpets.

And for those who are still stuck in between the decision, wondering why the hand-made carpets are expensive than the machine-made ones, here is a brief description which will help you to take the decision faster.


In the case of the hand-made carpets, the materials are obtained from the natural substance like the wool, cotton, pure silk, and jute. The extraction of these naturally occurring fibers is quite difficult and the process definitely takes more time. Compared to this, when we are considering the man-made carpets, the usual fibers that are used are nylon or polyester. These materials are easily available as they are made artificially. This is one of the main reasons as to why the hand-made carpets are costlier than the machine-made ones.

The Machine-Made Carpet?


If we consider the manufacturing process, then obviously handmade carpets are costlier since they are woven with the hand in the grid networks of wooden planks. The processes are quite tedious and take lots of efforts to weave one carpet with complicated designs on them. On the other hand, the machine-made carpets are woven in looms which are operated by the computers. And hence, the task is easier with less labor input. As more labor and time is required for weaving one carpet in the handlooms, the handmade carpets are costlier.

Three manufacturing processes are there-

  • Hand-knotted technique where knots are inserted into the rug and then they are tied, making the pile of the rugged fabrics.
  • In the hand-tufted technique, a small drilling machine is used to pile up the layers and then to weave the rugs.
  • Most of the handmade carpet manufacturers in Indiautilize the flat woven technique where there is no concept of piling the rugs. So, these carpets are fine and thin.


Also, to weave complete handmade carpets of a standard size, you need almost a year, depending upon the process chosen and the complexity of the design. So, the production rate is less and hence the price is also high. Compared to this, a power loom can weave around ten carpets in a day, making the production rate high. Therefore, the price of a machine-made carpet is low compared to the handmade ones.

The Machine-Made Carpet?


You can get only some fixed colors of carpets from the designer handmade carpet suppliers in Indiabut the designs are quite varied. One of the best parts of the fixed color of the handmade carpets is that they will not fade with time. This makes the carpets more ambient and perfect for giving a splendor shine to the house. However, variations in color are obtained in the machine-made carpets.


The handmade carpets are woven tightly, with less space in between the knots. Also, the fibers are pure and hence, these carpets are more durable than the machine-made ones. This is another reason as to why the handmade carpets are way more expensive than the machine-made ones.

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