Roof cleaning annually is quite important for effective functioning of the roof and even roof cleaning sometimes extend the general life of the roof as well. With the arrival of spring season, businesses often consider roof cleaning because of the favorable climatic conditions. In winters when the roof is covered with snow, it is difficult to clean up the roof and so spring season is considered the best time for roof cleaning.

Neglecting the cleanliness of roofs can result in higher than expected energy bills and expensive repairs. According to the roofing companies, it best to get the roof cleaning services every year. In order to prevent the roofing issues from disturbing your business tasks, you need to clean your roof regularly.

The Process of Roof Cleaning:

The process of roof cleaning should not be necessarily difficult if you know exactly how to do it. Below are listed the steps of roof cleaning:

  1. Inspect the Roof:

Inspect the structure of the roof along with the roof membrane properly for any damage. It is important to look for the wear and tear of the roof before cleaning it. Make sure that the ice and wind had not affected the membrane of the roof in any case. If you detect any holes or punctures in the roof, you need to contact the roofing contractors in southeast michigan for immediate repairs.

  1. Remove Debris:

Branches of the trees, trash, leaves and other type of debris must be removed from the roof. It such type of materials is not removed from the roof, it can puncture the roof. Moreover, debris can cause clogged drains which further increase the trouble plus the cost. Check all gutters and drains in order to ensure free water flow.

  1. Clean the Roof:

A clean roof not only looks refreshing but it also improves the performance of roof membrane. A dirty membrane results in higher surface temperature so cleaning it extremely essential. Make sure to check the local municipality to avoid any violation of the SWPPPs (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans) prior to washing the roof. Some municipalities often require you to take some additional steps in order to make sure that the polluted water may not get into the storm sewers.

  1. Hire a Roof Cleaning Service:

The easy shortcut for roof cleaning is hiring a professional roof cleaning service to minimize effort and any violation of the SWPPPs.

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